Trade Show Development Conference/Event/Seminar Planning


  • Seminars and Workshop Planning:
  • Health and Medical Conference
  • Agricultural Conference
  • Economic Development Conference
  • Group Conventions
  • Auction and Charity Events Coordination

You Provide the Subject Expertise - We Arrange the Rest

We provide conference and convention management and consultation for organizations of all sizes.


  • Accept Registrations and Sponsorships for Conferences, Events, Classes & Workshops
  • Negotiate Contracts with Facilities
  • Pay all bills generated by Event
  • Create Event Database with Name Tags, Attendee Lists, Reports and Receipts
  • Provide On-site Conference Management and Oversight
  • Provide Complete Accounting for each Event

For every conference, event, or seminar, we would want to do our best, particularly if it specifically involves our company and our people. Innovative Global Consulting can help you in planning, organizing, and orchestrating company events such as:

  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Seminars
  • Meetings

Services We Provide You

Our Office Provides Many Services: Contact us if you don't see what you need!



We answer your questions about conference requirements, budgets and management.


Room Reservations

Do you need a block of rooms   for the entire gourp, or just for yourself and the speakers? We can make the   arrangement for either set.


Travel Reservations

We will work with you or   directly with your speakers to make travel arrangements.


Budgeting and Contract   Negotiations

One of the most important   aspects of conference management is getting the most for your money, while   meeting all your needs. We can help!


On Site Management and   Registration

While you are busy attending   your conference, we are busy handling all of the on-site details. We make you   look good!


Catering Arrangements

We can guide you through the   catering maze of dos and don'ts. The success of a conference can hinge on the   success of the catering.


Specialized Tour Arrangements

We can assist with educational   participant tours as well as fun excursions for spouses. We will make   arrangements for tours to hit your target audience. We can even act as tour   guides or van drivers!


Conference Reports

A database will be created to   handle the reporting needs of your group. Participant lists, breakout   requests, tour groups, are just some of the reports you may request. If it is   on your registration form, then it is in our database.


Name Tags

We produce professional name   tags featuring your group's logo and any infomration important to the group,   such as banquet, tour or breakout info. We also include their name and   affiliation in print large enough to actually read!


Itemized Accounting

At the conclusion of your   conference, after we pay your bills and the registration and sponsorships   have been collected, we will produce a final accounting report detailing your   total income and expenses.


Registration fee collection and   payment of expenses

We collect and deposit your   registration and sponsorship monies and process payments for your conference   expenses. You receive the final accounting and residual balance after the   conference has been balanced.

Dial 501-590-6647 for more information on how we can be of assistance.