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It is illogical to put a sales person in charge of the payroll. If you have an ace salesman in your team, you would want him to concentrate on selling, right? And not be bothered by filing, documenting and doing clerical work. Outsourcing can save you from this situation by providing an avenue for you to "give out" the secondary functions of your company to other companies who can do it more expertly than you can.

If you sell sports equipment, sell sports equipment and don't spend a substantial fraction of your business hours stuck in accounting - looking at receipts and filing away purchase orders. You can outsource such functions to other companies. Innovative Global Consulting will link you to possible affiliates who can expertly do non-main functions for you so you can concentrate more on what your company is good at. Outsourcing has become a game changer in the past two decades. Today, it has become a permanent part of business and even the economy.


Your company can look into the possibility of outsourcing with the guidance of your assigned account executive.

Innovative Global Consulting, LLC provides consulting services to developing nations, and multilateral and bilateral development partners, and specializes in three areas:

The first is Outsourcing, particularly We offer sourcing services in Africa, Asia-Pacific, India, South America, and the United States. We serve as the main contact with U.S. companies. We qualify candidates on-site for capacity, manufacturing prowess, management capability, business systems capability, quality, and delivery.


The second is Our Company offers assistance for those seeking overseas sources of supply for materials and components. We team with our international strategic alliance partners to search, pre-qualify, short-list, qualify, and select suitable sources of supply.

The third area of specialty is enterprise development both large and small. IGC offer full range of consulting services to USA and foreign companies willing to enter the West African market, including:

  • Analysis of the market, competitors, distribution and potential consumers of the Customer’s goods/services in West Africa;
  • Representation of foreign Customer’s interests in West Africa;
  • Selection of African business partners for negotiating the establishment of business relations;
  • Promotion (advertising and informational support, presentations, exhibitions) of foreign Customer’s goods/services on African market;
  • Legal consultancy and support of projects in West Africa (legal documents, tax and customs rules, examining and appraising partner companies, etc.)


Helping companies succeed in international markets!

Innovative Global Consulting, LLC is a leading international business development, marketing and public relations consulting firm that specialize in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) create sustainable growth through successful expansion into international markets.

We assist companies in the United States and abroad in entering or expanding into markets throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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