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Infrastructure Development

With leveraging a partnership business model, Innovative Global Consulting, LLC provides consulting and related services in areas including:

  • infrastructure development
  • waste management
  • public health
  • Oil and Gas
  • construction
  • energy resources
  • public-private partnership development
  • agriculture
  • emergency preparedness
  • disaster recovery
  • education, and
  • business development.

In addition to foreign governments, the company will also provide services to private businesses, international financial and development institutions, and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Our proven experience helps clients retain a focus on core competencies and successfully diversify into new products, technologies, and markets. These may include the following types of alliances:

  • Joint venture
  • Licensing
  • M&A or investment
  • Partnering
  • R&D collaboration
  • Sales and marketing

We possess the expertise, resources, and industry contacts to research new products, technologies, and strategic partners on a global basis, to conduct targeted approaches to all organizations representing the highest degree of synergy; and to assist with negotiation, structuring the cooperation, and executing the agreement.