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Company Profile

Innovative Global Consulting, LLC., established in 2006 and incorporated in 2009, is a boutique business development consulting firm that assists companies in the USA considering to succeed in countries in Africa by providing business development and consulting services to foreign and local companies.

We are concentrating activities in establishing relations with Western companies that seek representation in Africa and want to enter Africa and neighboring markets with IGC assistance or plan to open office here. Of special interest are companies that can offer innovative products, computer software, hi-tech, consumer and other goods.

Located in beautiful Little Rock, Arkansas with key sites as the Clinton Presidential Center, the Arkansas Arts Museum, and our beautiful State Capitol that is a replica of the State Capitol in DC.


Our mission to create sustainable growth for our clients through successful expansion into international markets in a timely, cost-effective, and professional manner.

Staff and Partners
Key staff members possess broad industry and consulting experience in all facets of international business, market development, and information research.

With our support and expertise today - including representation, market research, advertising and promotion, your company's products and services - you can expand your business into this growing African marketplace.

Vision Statement
The vision of Innovative Global Consulting, LLC is to become a world-class provider of consulting and associated services to aid national and local governments in improving the well being of its citizens and economies. For other organizations, namely private companies, international finance and development institutions, and NGOs, the aim is to support in the achievement of organizational missions in the markets in which the firm plans to operate, namely Africa and the United States.

Innovative Global Consulting, LLC is a limited liability company. The firm has relationships with high government officials and leading business and NGO leaders across Africa, along with officials in multiple state governments in the United States. The company can leverage these relationships for its business and clients.

With leveraging a partnership business model, we provide consulting and related services in areas including:


  • infrastructure development
  • waste management
  • public health
  • oil and gas
  • construction
  • energy resources
  • public-private partnership development
  • agriculture
  • emergency preparedness
  • disaster recovery
  • education
  • business development

In addition to foreign governments, the company will also provide services to private businesses, international financial and development institutions, and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

With marketing materials, tools, and activities such as marketing brochures, a website, direct meetings, and presentations to prospective entities, partners and associations, the company will build brand recognition. It will also attend trade shows and conferences in target countries and respond to requests for Information and selected solicitations.

We have offices in Accra, Ghana, Lagos, Nigeria, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Companies that would like to have a representation office (central location in Lagos, capital of Lagos State, 1st floor, all office equipment, internet, nearby-conference and seminar facilities) for business start-ups are also welcome.


Also we offer:

  • Looking for business partners
  • Market researches
  • Arranging meetings, interpretation and translation services
  • Assistance in making business contacts and providing follow-up on them
  • Conference and seminar facilities (for up to 150 - 500 people)